Saturday, November 22, 2014

Brown Bag Owl

I was asked to create a Fall art project for my son's Fall Party. I needed to keep the project under 30 minutes. I prepped a lot for this to speed up the project. I liked it so much that I had my students do this also.  I created another art project similar to this. You can see here. I used many of the same elements minus the sewing (yarn).

I started out the lesson by talking about characteristics of an owl (feathers, big eyes, wings). I first started with the texture. I love to do U's or V's to represent  feathers. Students used sharpies for this. I had the students do the front and the back. (My son's class skipped this part because it is a bit time consuming). Then I had students cut out a larger smile on the top of the bag. This helped
 create ears (even though owls ears only consist of holes).

I pre-cut a rectangle to help students with the size of the belly. Directions were to create a big rainbow and connect at the bottom. Students were to create a line design and a pattern with color. I had students use construction paper crayons for the color.

Then students traced circles and cut out the eyes and pupils.
Students created their beak. Open or closed beak - it was their choice.
I then demoed ways to create the feet/claws. Then students glued the items to the brown bag.

The owls were stuffed with paper and the top of the bag glued shut. I used a hot glue gun to glue the real leaves on. The leaves were prepped with a gloss spray for a sealer.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hand Print Moose

This art project is one of my favorites. I have fallen in love with MOOSE. A teacher in my building had a pre-made bulletin board of a moose. I walked by it everyday last year and thought....what a cute moose. Of course when an art teacher sees something he or she likes ....a project is born. Two things I knew I wanted to do was handprints for antlers and painted paper .

Students created texture by drawing lines to create fur. Then students painted paper using watercolors. This project dealt with shapes. Paper was cut to a specific size for each body part. I wanted to help students with proportions. It is easier for my younger groups to have paper cut down to help with drawing to the size they need. 

6x7 painted brown (head) – cowbell shape
7x8 painted brown (body) - light bulb shape
4x7 painted brown (legs) – steak fries shape
(2) 3x4 painted brown (ears) - tear drop shape
3x6 painted yellow orange (nose) – rounded rectangle
4x4 painted yellow orange (belly) – flower petal shape

Students used construction paper crayons for the background. 


Saturday, April 20, 2013


 I taught a Hundertwasser lesson a few weeks ago. I saw  MANY examples on Pinterest and combined the parts that I liked. I loved the end results. I started out with the students using tempera paint (for adding texture) but the last few classes I had them use watercolors. I didn't like the thickness in the paper after the tempera paper dried.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I started sorting my scrap paper by color and putting the paper in small trash containers. I bought the trash containers at the Dollar Tree. I think the containers could be a bit bigger though. I saw this idea on Pinterest using cardboard folder holders and thought I NEED THIS. I think the cardboard folder holders were more for an individual scrap booking versus an art room.

After sorting the papers out I realized that I need to start utilizing this scrap paper and put a dent in it. After break I have only 9 weeks left and do not want a ton of scrap paper to start the upcoming school year.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birds and Birch Trees

I am sure many of you have seen this art project on the web at Deep Space Sparkle. I really enjoyed this lesson because it offered a variety of techniques and materials. I first gave students a 12x18 piece of white drawing paper. Students folded the paper into 8 sections. Students drew different designs in each rectangle using crayons. Then students used water colors to paint the remainder of the rectangles. The painted paper was used for the birds.

I offered students the option to trace the birds or create their own. I created tracers for the birds in the handout below.