Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stuffed OWLS

My students started working on these last week. They are doing an amazing job. The one above is the finished teacher example.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful blog community of art teachers. I look forward to following your blog (and thanks for following mine). I love the owl idea...I am going to "Pin" it.

  2. Thank-you Kristyn. I am very excited about starting this blog and being a part of the blogging community. I found out about Pinterest from your blog:)

  3. Love these! Just a couple questions, did the kids sew them shut?
    Did you use real leaves for the wings?

  4. Thanks! I had the students first use a glue stick to glue the outer edge together. Then I paper hole punched around the edge. Students then used yarn to weave in and out of the holes. Yes I did have the students use real leaves. I sprayed all of the leaves with a gloss finish. I don't think I would use real leaves next time. I would probably have premade leaves cut out and students would use watercolors to add the fall colors to the leaves.

    1. Why would you not use real leaves? I LOVE the owls and will be making them in a few weeks but I am not sure if we should use real leaves. What would you suggest (it is for a grade 2/3 class)? Thanks!

  5. Thanks, that helps!

  6. What grade level did these great owls?