Friday, September 28, 2012

Contour Plant Drawing

Contour Plant Drawing with DESIGNS and PATTERNS
This is one of my favorite assignments I do for High School art. First students need to draw the contour of the plant and pot. The pot then needs to be broken up into at least three sections in the front. After that students are to create pattern designs in every area. Designs switch when it enters a new section. An example is in the stem area. The stems are broken up by the leaves being in front. This creates sections in the stem. Each section is a differt design pattern. I also like to focus on contrast. Students need to think about thick and thin lines, straight or curvy lines, black and white, and other unique designs that create contrast. The background needs to be a continous pattern. I use sharpies for this assignment. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



The students really enjoyed using all of the fun materials.
  • First I had students paint the background paper (9x24) using blue watercolors and the rubbing alcohol technique. This technique is used by applying rubbing alcohol to the wet paint using a dropper.
  •  Next the students worked on their birdhouses. I created birdhouse tracers that they could choose from. The birdhouses were traced onto scrapbook paper. The students enjoyed this. I seldom buy scrapbook paper to use in art projects. I just may start buying more.
  • The students designed their birdhouse on the backside of the scrapbook paper.
  • Then it was time for the FUN part. Students used buttons, scrap paper, mosaic pieces, wood pieces, and whatever else I could find in my room.
  • Then construction paper pieces. This included the grass, the wooded post, and the flowers.
  • Last but not least our cotton balls for clouds.
Have you ever used 3-d O's? This is how I had the students attach their birdhouses to the paper.

I did this project a few different ways this past week. On Fridays I travel to another building to teach two classes. I teach ART on the CART there. I do paint with the students (on Friday classes) but when I have the students paint we have  to head down to the cafeteria. For this project I did not  have them paint. I just used blue construction paper.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Flower and Vase Collage

My elementary students are focusing on creating a collage out of a variety of materials. The background is a crayon resist using watercolors. The table cloth is from a sample book of curtains. If you know anyone that can get you these samples take them up on it. I have tons of these book samples. The border is made of scrapbooking paper. The vase is construction paper and construction paper crayons. The flowers are made out of construction paper and buttons.