Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother's Day Projects

I found this idea on Pinterest. I had to change a few things because I had to use whatever was on hand:) I traced the students hand and they added texture, shapes, and tile. The mothers loved this present!!!!! The center white hand turned out great. (They all did). The student missed the day we glazed so I just added clear glaze.   I think next time I will stick with the clear glaze and the students can just paint over the tiles without covering the color of the tiles up.

 Coil Pots

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painted Paper Owls

Painted Paper Owls

This project used many fun painting techniques. The students enjoyed painting  the paper. It did get a bit hectic. Students were at different steps in the project at times. In the end it turned out WONDERFUL!

I became inspired by seeing a drawing I pinned on Pinterest. It came from a neat website. I am very taken by owls this school year. A bit obsessed I must say.

The painted paper techniques included
the background - rubbing alcohol and watercolors
owls - marbling, markers with water sprayed on them to bleed, Epsom salt and watercolors, tissue paper and a spray bottle to bleed, and sponging.

The tree limb was crayon and watercolors for a crayon resist.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Junior High Woven Pillows

The junior high classes had such a great time weaving. The students loved the fact that the pillows were actually usable. I have never done a weaving project like this before.

Students first started out with a cardboard and yarn. Students wrapped the yarn around the cardboard to create their loom. The rest was weaving...over under over under.