Friday, July 19, 2013

Playing around with PicCollage

 I thought I would share a few of my collages.


  1. Can you share how you did the clay hands? I LOVE them.
    I'm a newer blogger ~ would love you to check me out {shameless promotion... sorry!}

  2. Hi Kristen!

    The first thing I did was roll out slabs of clay for the hands. Then students traced and cut their hands out. The left over clay was used to create the stand. Students flattened out the clay by pounding and used a cup to cut a circle out. Then the remaining clay was shaped into a block form. So from top to by it goes circle, block, and then hand. It works better when the hand has stiffened up a bit. Before connecting I had students add tiles and attach a shape with clay onto the hand sculpture. Parents LOVED the gift.

    I will check out your blog too!!

  3. I love the birds on birch trees, I did a charley harper lesson and we made branches out of our hands and created the whole tree, but I think I like this idea even more! xo Lauren of

  4. The clay hands look amazing :) Thanks for sharing how you created them in more detail!

  5. Dear Jennica King,

    You have a wonderful and inspiring blog, therefore I'm very glad to give you the "Liebster Award". You can read more about the award here:

    Best wishes

    Tatjana Knudsen (Danish art teacher) (Meet the Creative Part of Me).

  6. Love your projects! I am a k-1 art teacher, my blog is
    not as nice as yours but it is a work in progress if you want to check it out.