Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birds with Patterns and Designs

Teacher Example

All summer long the only work I did for school was pin on Pinterest. I noticed that I was pinning a lot of bird ideas. You will be seeing a lot of birds this year. I started the students off by drawing the bird. I do a lot of step by step procedures. First the students drew an egg shape for the body of the bird. Then a beak and a tail. I then moved on to the wing and belly. The eye was last. I had the students draw a large eye. After that the students drew patterns and designs inside the bird. Next a black sharpie. Students went over their pencils lines in black. Then I have them erase the pencil lines. COLOR SCHEME!!!! Students could only pick 5 colors for their bird color. The colors were also incorporated in the background. I am so impressed with the background. I think it adds something special to the work.

I couldn't wait to post so right now I only have two student projects to show you. I think my students did a fabulous job!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My art room - in the beginning

This is what I walked into on my first day back to work. I do not come in throughout the summer. I live about 45 to 50 minutes away from work. I never head that far north in the summer. It took me the 2 full teacher work days to get my room in order. I still need to do a bit more to my room. Those things are minor though. It is more labeling and things like that. In the next few days I hope to post the after pictures. I moved a few things around from last year and am pretty excited about the flow of the room. I am also working on new lessons that I hope to post in the next few weeks.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simple Birds

This is the very first assignment my primary students will be working on. Students will use watercolors, tisse paper, and a black sharpie. I love using modge podge and did try to incorporate it to glue on the tissue paper feathers (red bird) but I think I will have to pass on the modge podge this time. The background is watercolors and rubbing alcohol. I let students decide if they would like to have a WARM bird or a COOL bird. What ever bird they pick then the background will be the opposite.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

I have seen the blog world of art teachers awaken this week. I love looking at all of the rooms and getting great ideas. I am hoping to post my room and my changes this weekend. My room is not fancy but I am pretty pleased with the changes I have made.

I love doing bulletin boards but at times it does become overwhelming. I was asked to do a bulletin board a few hours before open house. I think many art teachers save things if they have the room and space. I created these monkeys a few years ago to do a spring bulletin board and these guys were lifesavers last night. I just added the SWING INTO SCHOOL to go along with the school year.

My goal this year is to post at least once a week. I hope I can accomplish this task!!!!