Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bulletin Boards

  I love making bulletin boards. I rarely use bulletin boards to put students artwork on. I just use the hallway wall space for that. I was rummaging through my camera pics and thought I would share a few. The first bulletin board idea came from a photo Mr. E posted on his website. It was last year but I am almost positive it was from Mr. E. I think he took a pic in the library of a gigantic soc monkey made out of a large brown bag.

 I found penguins in the shape of an egg. while surfing the Internet. I love creating the bulletin board with construction paper. The majority of the lines on the surf board are created out of colored masking tape.

These snowmen have been used and reused quite a bit. This year I added mittens to the stick arms. We don't have a laminater so I try to store my creations in a safe spot so they do not get ruined.


 I found this idea on Pinterest. I vamped it up a bit. Students used a crayon resist with watercolors for the background, oil pastels for the mittens, crayons for the arms/sweaters, and yarn for pom-poms. The funny thing is it just doesn't feel like winter. It almost feels funny making snowmen and snowflakes. That is what I would like to do next but I am rethinking it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Oh MY!!! I know we have all experienced this in some shape or form. The other day I had a student not once but twice sneeze directly into my shoebox full of colored pencils. So I ended up taking disinfectant wipes and cleaning all of the pencils. I don't know why but I find this to be humorous.

Singing Reindeer

I saw this on Pinterest. It was on a smaller scale as a Christmas card.
I even had the kids write down their favorite holiday song in the books that the reindeer are holding.