Thursday, July 12, 2012

I have LEARNED something today!

I have been wanting to learn more about how to do a few things to my blog. When I first put my blog together I just wanted to hurry up so I could participate with other art teachers. Now that summer break is here I have been trying to figure out a few things ....and let me tell you it has been countless hours of reading, researching, and trying to decode all of this stuff. Well today I was successful.

Today I learned how to .....
add words to a photo or image (I know simple you say but I didn't have a clue),
make images smaller, and
center my header.
Adding words to an image or photo is super easy..I have recently found out. When you right click on your photo or image you will then click on Open With. From there you click on Paint. This is where I began to write on my image. I am super excited!!!!

Making images smaller was very simple once I found this website I know it could be considered cheating but I think it is something pretty special. It helped me shrink my background and my header. Plus it was FREE!

Now centering my header. I have been trying to add an image to my header for sometime now but I could never get it centered. It bothered that I could not center it so I always went back to plain....there is nothing wrong with plain when you want it. I just didn't want plain. So I started researching how to center headers. I googled and found this website. Now I will say you can not cut and paste the code because it will not work. You need to type the code yourself.
Now I feel as if I have accomplished something today!!!!!