Friday, November 14, 2014

Hand Print Moose

This art project is one of my favorites. I have fallen in love with MOOSE. A teacher in my building had a pre-made bulletin board of a moose. I walked by it everyday last year and thought....what a cute moose. Of course when an art teacher sees something he or she likes ....a project is born. Two things I knew I wanted to do was handprints for antlers and painted paper .

Students created texture by drawing lines to create fur. Then students painted paper using watercolors. This project dealt with shapes. Paper was cut to a specific size for each body part. I wanted to help students with proportions. It is easier for my younger groups to have paper cut down to help with drawing to the size they need. 

6x7 painted brown (head) – cowbell shape
7x8 painted brown (body) - light bulb shape
4x7 painted brown (legs) – steak fries shape
(2) 3x4 painted brown (ears) - tear drop shape
3x6 painted yellow orange (nose) – rounded rectangle
4x4 painted yellow orange (belly) – flower petal shape

Students used construction paper crayons for the background. 



  1. Your post caught my attention and I immediately thought I would share it with another teacher who used handprints for every season BUT after reading it more thoroughly, I think I'll keep this idea to myself. So cute and what a great shape and cutting idea!