Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birds with Patterns and Designs

Teacher Example

All summer long the only work I did for school was pin on Pinterest. I noticed that I was pinning a lot of bird ideas. You will be seeing a lot of birds this year. I started the students off by drawing the bird. I do a lot of step by step procedures. First the students drew an egg shape for the body of the bird. Then a beak and a tail. I then moved on to the wing and belly. The eye was last. I had the students draw a large eye. After that the students drew patterns and designs inside the bird. Next a black sharpie. Students went over their pencils lines in black. Then I have them erase the pencil lines. COLOR SCHEME!!!! Students could only pick 5 colors for their bird color. The colors were also incorporated in the background. I am so impressed with the background. I think it adds something special to the work.

I couldn't wait to post so right now I only have two student projects to show you. I think my students did a fabulous job!


  1. These owls are adorable.
    I love the colors and patterns.

  2. Didn't they do a great job? Great idea, limiting the palette brings it all together, and at the same time allows them each to develop a very individual piece.