Wednesday, September 19, 2012



The students really enjoyed using all of the fun materials.
  • First I had students paint the background paper (9x24) using blue watercolors and the rubbing alcohol technique. This technique is used by applying rubbing alcohol to the wet paint using a dropper.
  •  Next the students worked on their birdhouses. I created birdhouse tracers that they could choose from. The birdhouses were traced onto scrapbook paper. The students enjoyed this. I seldom buy scrapbook paper to use in art projects. I just may start buying more.
  • The students designed their birdhouse on the backside of the scrapbook paper.
  • Then it was time for the FUN part. Students used buttons, scrap paper, mosaic pieces, wood pieces, and whatever else I could find in my room.
  • Then construction paper pieces. This included the grass, the wooded post, and the flowers.
  • Last but not least our cotton balls for clouds.
Have you ever used 3-d O's? This is how I had the students attach their birdhouses to the paper.

I did this project a few different ways this past week. On Fridays I travel to another building to teach two classes. I teach ART on the CART there. I do paint with the students (on Friday classes) but when I have the students paint we have  to head down to the cafeteria. For this project I did not  have them paint. I just used blue construction paper.

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