Saturday, November 22, 2014

Brown Bag Owl

I was asked to create a Fall art project for my son's Fall Party. I needed to keep the project under 30 minutes. I prepped a lot for this to speed up the project. I liked it so much that I had my students do this also.  I created another art project similar to this. You can see here. I used many of the same elements minus the sewing (yarn).

I started out the lesson by talking about characteristics of an owl (feathers, big eyes, wings). I first started with the texture. I love to do U's or V's to represent  feathers. Students used sharpies for this. I had the students do the front and the back. (My son's class skipped this part because it is a bit time consuming). Then I had students cut out a larger smile on the top of the bag. This helped
 create ears (even though owls ears only consist of holes).

I pre-cut a rectangle to help students with the size of the belly. Directions were to create a big rainbow and connect at the bottom. Students were to create a line design and a pattern with color. I had students use construction paper crayons for the color.

Then students traced circles and cut out the eyes and pupils.
Students created their beak. Open or closed beak - it was their choice.
I then demoed ways to create the feet/claws. Then students glued the items to the brown bag.

The owls were stuffed with paper and the top of the bag glued shut. I used a hot glue gun to glue the real leaves on. The leaves were prepped with a gloss spray for a sealer.

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