Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More CLAY!!!!

 These clay owls turned out better than I expected and yes I have a thing for owls at the moment. I first had the students crumble up one piece of newspaper page. I then walked around and taped the newspaper into a ball. This acted as the mold for the owls. I gave each student a small block of clay. The students wedged and rolled into a ball. I then had the students flatten out the clay with the palm of their hand. I told the students that the clay should not be thinner than a finger width. Students draped the clay over their newspaper mold. I gave students extra clay for their eyes and beak. Students flattened out their clay again and used bottle caps for the shape of their yes. Students used a needle to cut out the white of their eyes and the pupils. Students then made a beak and then used the needle to create the texture of feathers. I have them make U's for the feather texture. I had students score and slip to attach all their pieces.

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