Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finished Ceramic Pieces

Relief Carved Slab Tiles
I posted early about the clay carvings. The next step after that consisted of staining and patina. I had students stain the top and sides of the slab. The following day the students modge podged the owls. I think next time I will just use a spray close. Some of the students did not smooth out the globs of modge podge and the globs did not dry clear. The last day students used shoe polish to patina or age the slabs. I am very pleased with the outcome.

                                                               Kimmy Cantrell Faces
I saw a few of these on Pinterest. I have never used oil pastels on clay before. I love the finished projects. I watered down india ink and students used the resist method for the finished piece. I then sprayed a gloss finish on the faces.


  1. I like the abstract quality of these ceramic pieces.
    Beautiful colors.

  2. The india ink and oil pastels actually had a really cool effect. I love the abstract quality of the pieces. They also remind me of Modigliani,one of my favorite portraiture artists, very nice.