Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I started sorting my scrap paper by color and putting the paper in small trash containers. I bought the trash containers at the Dollar Tree. I think the containers could be a bit bigger though. I saw this idea on Pinterest using cardboard folder holders and thought I NEED THIS. I think the cardboard folder holders were more for an individual scrap booking versus an art room.

After sorting the papers out I realized that I need to start utilizing this scrap paper and put a dent in it. After break I have only 9 weeks left and do not want a ton of scrap paper to start the upcoming school year.


  1. Oh gosh... my scrap paper pile is taking over. Great idea here.

  2. The organizer in me loves this. I would never have thought of trash containers. My scrap papers are all haphazardly thrown together in one single cardboard box. Thanks for the tip!